Ajax RSS Feeds PRO Module for Joomla

Ajax RSS Feeds PRO Module for Joomla

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Ajax RSS Feeds PRO is the enhanced version of popular Google Ajax RSS feed module for Joomla. It comes with all the features of standard free version along with some cool new features as mentioned below.

  • You can add any number of RSS feeds in the module. [Standard version allows only 3 feeds.]
  • Full control over the design as CSS file is bundled with the module. [In standard version, CSS is loaded directly from Google CDN hence there is little control over style.]
  • Lots of new configuration options so you can easily make it work as per your liking. New options include control over transition speed, display time, fading effect duration, pause on hover along with few other options. You can also make the feeds collapsible as seen in the demo below.

Demo - http://joomlademo.sopantech.com/google-ajax-rss-pro-demo

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